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Five point Plan


  1. Public Safety

  2. Education

  3. Housing & Economic Development

  4. Stabilization of Property Taxes

  5. Employment of Trenton Residents


Alex Bethea's, Future Mayor of Trenton, 5 Point Plan

I   am confident that my plan will turn our City around, improving quality of life for all Trentonians as together we invest in Trenton's future !

1. Public Safety: - Implementing a community policing model, as mayor I would collaborate with the Police Director to develop a strategic plan that would deploy police to walk the beat in known crime infested areas throughout the city. While walking the beat, these police would be assigned to engage residents into meaningful dialogue.

      Having police walk beats and engaging our residents in meaningful dialogue enhances needed trust between the police and our residents. Consequently, gained trust will assist in reducing crime over time.

Also, police would be encouraged and offered incentives to live in Trenton. Incentives could include property tax abatement for police officers purchasing a home in Trenton or assistance with a low-interest rate mortgage.

        In our community policing program, police officers would be encouraged to engage in after-school activities with our students of all grade levels. Students would be encouraged to trust police officers and to consider law enforcement as a career.

2.      Education - I am the educational candidate having served in the Trenton Public Schools for more than 40 years. I believe that I am an expert in urban, public school education. In my 40 year tenure I served in various positions in many of the schools in the Trenton School District. I was a health and physical education teacher, a teacher-disciplinarian, a junior high school boys basketball coach, an athletic manager at Trenton Central High School and a vice principal at all grade levels.

        To be effective, educators must maintain a holistic perspective of their students. I believe that the primary focus and resources should be on the students of the earlier grades -  kindergarten, first, second and third grades.

          A thorough needs assessment for each student in the earlier grades is paramount. The assessment would include each student's learning style.

      To maximize learning for all students, teachers will be required to employ instructional strategies effective for the identified learning styles of their students. Besides the academic benefit of employing varied and appropriate instructional strategies, such implementation would also enhance the rapport between teachers and students as students feel more connected to those who effectively communicate with them.

        Some factors that should be included in assessments of urban students are their sleep, rest, diet, lead exposure, vision and number of daily hours spent watching TV, and other electronic screens, etc. Some resources are needed to monitor students’ activities while they are not at school.

         Encouraging students to participate in extracurricular activities is essential. Games such as chess, scrabble, other word games and other games can provoke thought, stimulate learning and foster relationship building.

3. Housing & Economic Development - My administration would launch an aggressive program to rehabilitate abandoned, City owned, houses. Long time renters of Trenton and other City residents would be encouraged to be employed in this rehabilitation process.

My administration would assist long time Trenton renters (5 years or more) to become homeowners. We would assist long term renters to participate in the auction process to purchase the rehabilitated, affordable housing. Long term Trenton renters would be given purchasing preference of the rehabilitated houses. And they could be offered property tax abatements.

Regarding properties not owned by the City, homeowners of abandoned properties would be required to rehabilitate.

Anyone who purchases an abandoned property through auction would be given a limited time to begin rehabilitation or be charged a monetary penalty.

         City owned houses that are in extreme disrepair would be demolished and replaced with affordable units. Long time Trenton renters would be encouraged to purchase these new, affordable units and be given preference for purchase.

4.       Stabilization of Property Taxes - Under my administration rehabilitation of City owned, abandoned properties will be a major priority. The selling of these properties will consequently help us to acquire more homeowners and will significantly assist in the stabilization of Trenton's tax base. The increase of home ownership will lighten the property tax burden for current homeowners.

5.    Employment of Trenton residents - As mayor, I would recommend consideration for City residents to be hired for City jobs through attrition when applicable. Also, I would recommend to businesses that are located in Trenton to hire Trenton residents when applicable. New jobs will be created by the  rehabilitation of City-owned, abandoned properties. My administration will seek opportunities to engage residents in apprenticeship programs related to skills required in the rehabilitation of houses in disrepair. Also, my administration will seek to include trainees with less than high school education in apprenticeship programs. These new rehabilitation jobs would be offered to City residents.

Together we can revitalize our City beginning with

          1) elimination of abandoned houses via  rehabilitation

          2) consequential decrease in easy accessible crime sites i.e., abandoned houses

          3) the sell and subsequent occupation of rehabilitated houses

          4) increased employment  - for the rehabilitation of houses in disrepair

          5) generation of property taxes from the sale of rehabilitated houses

Besides yourself, for whom else would YOU like to








  Thank you for your support,

Alex Bethea



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